Constant or variable energy dynamic penetrometers



What is it?

The test determines the quality of the compaction of common fill and that of excavation and trench fill

What for ?

To ensure that the embankments, excavations and trenches have been carried out in accordance with the according rules. 3 main functions: evaluate layer thicknesses; verify that the targeted densification objective is achieved; check that the compaction conforms to that carried out on a reference board.

When ?

At the reception of the site of embankments, excavations and trenches of the construction companies, by the external control.

STANDARD for constant energy penetrometers:

NF P 94-063 – link to AFNOR

STANDARD for variable energy penetrometers

NF P94-105- link to AFNOR


– Reduction of the height to fit in a type H1 van (example: traffic)
– Adjustment of the lateral verticality of the mast by hydraulic cylinder
– Folding and unfolding of the mast (lower and upper part) by hydraulic cylinder
– Improved safety by removing the locking key: operation of the complete threshing system on the mast provided by a hydraulic cylinder.
– Reduction in the width of the sheep, more compact and more stable protective cage