My first steps in the world of Public Works with Daniel Doligez at 6D Solutions company in 2000 were in the reinforcement of asphalt mixes. I developed the fiberglass grid market in France with public and private project managers. Among these prime contractors were many local authorities, cities, highways, design offices such as EGIS, INGEROP, etc.

I have also supported companies who wanted to offer this technique as a variant for their tender offers. These companies include COLAS, EUROVIA, EIFFAGE, SPIE with MALET and NGE with SIORAT, then all the SMEs such as LE FOLL, ROGER MARTIN, etc.
Throughout these years I have relied on a networks of technical departments of public works companies and have collaborated in choosing the best product and taking into account the role of the product in their pavement sizing.

I have always been in contact with  technical departments and their road laboratories, I was responsible for the manufacturing and marketing of © mlpc equipment at Vectra. 

At the end of 2019, I decided to continue on this path by creating Rovem Partner in order to have the freedom to offer more services to my clients. I offer solutions ranging from short or long term rental to new or second-hand investment through the simple provision of measurements and LOA in the fields of lift measurement, deflection, studies of soils and control of the compactness of trenches and embankments. 

My goal is to be a business facilitator for the main actors on the market. I put myself in the customer’s shoes, I understand their needs, I look for the best formula, the best equipment, the most suitable manufacturer, the most suitable service provider. 

I efficiently manage the relationship between the customer and the manufacturer or service provider. I offer my customers a time saving based service and I work with a quick turnaround.


Would you like to buy French equipment?

  • Experienced interlocutor on the public works market in France and internationally.

  • Strong knowledge of French manufacturers

  • Selection of the best manufacturers for efficient after-sales service

  • Direct connection to the right person within industrial equipment suppliers.

Would you like to sell your equipment or materials in France to the Public Works market?

  • Experienced interlocutor on the public works market in France

  • Solid knowledge of public works market players

  • Excellent introduction to key decision makers in the purchasing process

  • Excellent knowledge of private and public prescribers in France

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