DYNAPLAQUE (Dynamic load plate)

dynaplaque maxydyn

The ground is subjected to an automatic dynamic load
3 shocks per test
Plate diameter: 600 mm
Measurement of modules from 20 to 250 MPa corresponding to class PF1 to PF4 platforms
Number of tests per hour: up to 60
Test depth: between 1 and 2 m depending on the soil


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The Dynaplaque is like an automated plate test. This is also referred to as the Dynaplaque test.
The first dynaplate was manufactured in the workshops of the Center for Studies and Construction of Prototypes (CECP) in Angers, France

The Dynaplaque is a device specially designed for measuring the deformability of road support platforms. The precise knowledge of this characteristic has proven, over the years, essential to allow the implementation of the pavement foundations.

Its realization was decided because of the limits of use of the various deformability measuring devices used until then (Lacroix deflectograph, Benkelman beam, static plate tests).

The dynaplate applies a dynamic load to the ground caused by the falling weight on a circular support plate, through a ring of springs. The impulse thus generated is of the same order of magnitude as that measured under the passage of a heavy axle or a large vibrating compactor.

Dynaplaque vs Load Bearing Test

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