Plate test or static plate loading

plaque portance

The ground is subjected to a static load

Plate diameter: 600 mm                                                                                Measurement of modules from 20 to 250 MPa corresponding to class PF1 to PF4 platforms

Number of tests per hour: up to 10

Reminder: Wearrance of soils :

20 MPa

50 MPa

120 MPa

PF4> 200 MPa

STANDARD : NF P94-117-1

Lien vers AFNOR 

The NF P94-117-1 standard describes the principle, the apparatus, the execution process and the mode of expression of the results of the static loading test under a rigid plate. This test, commonly called, plate test or plate lift test, aims to determine the so-called “modulus under static loading on the plate” modulus of a platform. The test applies to earthworks and drainage works platforms intended for the construction of road, rail and airport infrastructures and made with the materials defined in the classification of standard NF P 11-300 except those comprising elements whose Dmax exceeds 200 mm. The maximum value of the modulus that can be measured by this test is 250 MPa. The “Modulus under static plate loading” does not indicate regards the state of compactness of the soils located under the auscultated platform.

Swiss standard: SN 670 317b 

German standard: DIN 18134

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